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Indexes (active)

Australian Public Affairs Information Service (APAIS) APAIS APAIS is a subject index to scholarly articles in the social sciences and humanities published in Australia, and to selected journal articles, conference papers, books and newspaper articles on Australian economic, social, political and cultural affairs. Continuous 1978 - present 582,000+
   Indigenous subset of APAIS APAIS-ATSIS APAIS–ATSIS , a subset of APAIS, indexes and abstracts articles from published and unpublished material that specifically relates to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the social sciences and humanities area, including history, economics, politics, current affairs and culture. Bi-Annually 1978 - present 38,000+
   Health subset of APAIS APAIS-HEALTH Australian Public Affairs Information Service - Health (APAIS-Health) is a subset of the APAIS database compiled by the National Library of Australia from 1945-2013. APAIS-Health covers health and medicine in Australia, in particular the legal, social, economic and ethical aspects of health. Clinical articles are not indexed for APAIS-Health. Tri-Annually 1978 - present 90,400+
AGIS Index (AGIS) AGIS AGIS covers all aspects of law including banking, companies and securities, constitutional law, criminal law, environmental law, copyright law, family law, legal aid and human rights. Major law journals published in Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia-Pacific region are comprehensively indexed and abstracted. With records sourced from over 140 law journals - including content from major law journals published in UK, Canada and USA - AGIS offers extensive access to legal information from 1975 onwards. Twice a Month 1975 - present 170,000+
   Indigenous subset of AGIS AGIS-ATSIS AGIS-ATSIS subject coverage deals with legal issues such as land rights, native title, customary law, Aboriginal deaths in custody, Aborigines in the criminal justice system, racial discrimination, indigenous intellectual property, and Aboriginal youth and juvenile justice. Records dealing with reconciliation and social policy and welfare issues related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are included. Bi-Annually 1975 - present 6,500+
Australian Education Index (AEI) AEI Australian Education Index (AEI) is an index to information resources at all levels of education and related fields, including educational research, policy administration, teacher education, curriculum, educational psychology and library and information science. Created in partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) – the peak education, assessment, and teacher research body in Australia – AEI is relevant to a wide range of people interested in education from early childhood through to primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Quarterly 1978 - present 185,400+
   Indigenous subset of AEI AEI-ATSIS Australian Education Index - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Subset (AEI-ATSIS), produced by the Cunningham Library at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), is a subset of the AEI database. Source documents are journal articles, books, government reports, government papers, research reports, theses and conference papers. Subject coverage includes education and training relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, including learning, psychology, social and cultural influences, language, literacy, teaching strategies, schools, teacher training, and professional development. Bi-Annually 1978 - present 6,460+
Australian Federal Police Digest (AFPD) AFPD Australian Federal Police Digest (AFPD), produced by the Australian Federal Police Library, Canberra, is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts articles from published material on policing & law enforcement, and national security issues such as counter-terrorism, aviation security, protection, organised crime, cyber threats, border operations and intelligence capabilities from 1991 onwards. AFPD aims to contribute to the development of essential skills, knowledge and research for enhanced decision-making and effective policing and law enforcement outcomes, for both operational agencies and academia students and staff. Quarterly 1991 - present 34,000+
Indigenous Studies Bibliography (AIATSIS) AIATSIS The AIATSIS Indigenous Studies Bibliography is compiled by Pat Brady, Barry Cundy and Alana Garwood at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Library. Source documents include journal articles, newspapers, pamphlets, published government reports, published conference papers, book chapters, books, discussion and working papers, and published statistical documents. All records relate to Australian Indigenous studies, and are in English with some in Australian Indigenous languages. The broad topic areas cover languages, cultures, anthropology, archaeology, health, education, arts, oral histories, history, legal issues such as native title, criminal justice, land rights, customary law and its recognition, women's issues, youth issues, government policies and programs. Bi-Annually 1990 - present 84,800+
Australian Policy Database (APO) APO POLICY Database (APO: Analysis and Policy Observatory) is an open access knowledge hub delivering policy and practice research and resources. Contents include grey literature reports, articles, data, video, infographics, guides and website listings. Quarterly 2002 - present 36,500+
Australian Transport Index (ATRI) ATRI The Australian Transport Index (ATRI) is an index database published by RMIT Publishing and produced by the M.G. Lay Library at ARRB Group. The coverage of the Index includes road safety, transport economics, transport administration, intelligent transport systems, transport and the environment, public transport, road and airfield pavements, road design and engineering, traffic engineering and control, vehicle design and safety, and soil and rock mechanics. Monthly 1960 - present 176,000+
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Bibliography (ATSIHealth) ATSIHEALTH The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Bibliography (ATSIhealth), compiled by Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, a level 11 Research Centre at Edith Cowan University, is a searchable online bibliographic database that indexes published and unpublished material on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. Source documents include theses, unpublished articles, government reports, conference papers, abstracts, book chapters, books, discussion and working papers, and statistical documents.  Tri-Annually 1900 - present 26,000+
Australian Criminology Database (CINCH) CINCH Australian Criminology Database (CINCH), produced by the JV Barry Library, Australian Institute of Criminology, is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts articles from published and unpublished material on all aspects of crime and criminal justice from 1968 onwards. Source documents include journal articles, monographs, monograph chapters, conference papers, government documents, book reviews and theses. Monthly 1968 - present 69,000+
   Indigenous subset of CINCH CINCH-ATSIS This subset of the Australian Criminology Database  includes information on the involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Islander people in the justice system. Source documents include journal articles, monographs, monograph chapters, conference papers, government documents, book reviews and theses. Bi-Annually 1968 - present 7,940+
   Health subset of CINCH CINCH-HEALTH This subset of the Australian Criminology Database includes Australian material from journal articles, monographs, monograph chapters and conference papers. Subjects span mental health, medical and medicolegal issues, drugs and alcohol, suicide, HIV/AIDS, corrections health, euthanasia, and occupational health and safety. Tri-Annually 1968 - present 16,000+
Australian Engineering Database (ENGINE) ENGINE ENGINE is produced by the Institution of Engineers Australia and provides access to Australian engineering information, and in particular to publications of the Institution since 1980. It covers all branches of engineering, including agricultural, aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, coastal, computer, electrical, electronic, mechanical, military, structural, transport and water. Conference papers, journal articles, technical papers, books, discussions, news articles and unpublished papers are indexed from 1980 onwards. Quarterly 1980 - present 48,000+
Australian Family & Society Abstracts (FAMILY) FAMILY Australian Family & Society Abstracts (FAMILY), produced by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts articles from published and unpublished material on research, policy and practice issues about, or of relevance to, Australian families from 1980 onwards. FAMILY Thesaurus Quarterly 1980 - present 84,800
   Health subset of FAMILY HEALTH-SOCIETY Health policy and services and the social, psychological, legal and ethical issues associated with health are of direct importance to Australian people and families, and are a core subject area of the database. FAMILY Thesaurus Quarterly 1980 - present 33,000+
   Indigenous subset of FAMILY FAMILY-ATSIS The FAMILY-ATSIS subset contains records that specifically relate to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Subject coverage includes demographic trends and social change, family law and customary law, social policy and services, family economics, Aboriginal culture and family relations, sexual behaviour, counselling. Also covered are issues such as housing, health, employment and unemployment, Aboriginal children and child removal, child abuse, domestic violence, and child care. FAMILY Thesaurus Bi-Annually 1980 - present 9.000+
Multicultural Australia and Immigration Studies (MAIS) MAIS Subject coverage includes immigration, emigration, multiculturalism, ethnicity, racism, multicultural education, migrant health, welfare and social services, access and equity, settlement services, refugees, population studies, and aboriginal studies. Some international material is included. From August 1996 the focus has narrowed to Australian material only. Monthly 1988 - present 53,000+
   Indigenous subset of MAIS MAIS-ATSIS MAIS is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts a wide range of media from published and unpublished material on all aspects of Australian immigration and multicultural issues. The MAIS-ATSIS subset contains records that specifically relate to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Bi-Annually 1988 - present 3,900+
Searchable Networked Intellectual Property Electronic Resource (SNIPER) SNIPER SNIPER, produced by the Library at IP Australia, is a bibliographic database of journal articles, conference papers, and other documents about issues in intellectual property. It provides a knowledge base to support policy, awareness and research in intellectual property matters. Subjects include patents, trade marks and designs as well as other topics that impact on IP Australia's business such as copyright, plant breeder's rights and domain names. Quarterly 2000 - present 30,000+

Indexes (inactive: Searchable)

ACCOUNT AATD Formerly called Australian Accounting & Taxation Database. Prepared by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia’s Knowledge Centre. Contains abstracts of published material sourced from leading journals and magazines and conference papers. Subject coverage includes accounting, auditing, taxation, insolvency, corporations law, superannuation, retirement planning, financial planning, practice management and human resources. No longer updated 1982 - Mar 2014 31,000+
Arts & Entertainment Management Database AEM Produced by the Faculty of Management, Deakin University. Index to journals, books, reports and surveys on the arts and entertainment environment, cultural planning, finance, funding, law, marketing, project/venue management, research, and technology related to the arts and entertainment industry. No longer updated 1982 - December 2000 797
AIM Management & Training Database AIMMAT Produced by the Library of the Australian Institute of Management NSW Training Centre Limited. Index to articles on management, training and related fields. Source documents are Australian (plus some New Zealand and South-East Asian) journal articles. Subject coverage includes management, training, human resources, communication and marketing. No longer updated 1991 - 2010 17,900+
Australia's National Geosciences, Minerals and Petroleum Reference Database AESIS Developed by the Australian Mineral Foundation (AMF) and acquired by the South Australian Branch of the Australian Geoscience Information Association. Covers Australian-generated published and unpublished documented materials over the full range of the geosciences, minerals and petroleum and related areas. Non-Australian sources included from 1979.  No longer updated 1975 - June 2001 201,938
Aus Heritage Bibliography AHB Produced by Australian Heritage Commission. Covers Australia's natural and cultural environment, including national parks, endangered species, wilderness areas, important historical and archaeological sites, historic buildings, structures and towns. Includes journals, unpublished reports (especially heritage agencies), books, videos, and theses since the mid-1970s. No longer updated 1987 - Oct 2012 37,000
Australian Library and Information Science Abstracts ALISA Produced by ACHLIS (Australian Clearing House for Library and Information Science).Covers library and information services and the library workforce including education and training, information technology including CD-ROM, networking, electronic publishing, and telecommunications, children's literature, and archives. Source documents include monographs, research reports, conference papers, periodical articles and unpublished material. Also includes overseas articles with an Australian connection. No longer updated 1982 - April 2005 11,563
Australasian Medical Index AMI Produced by the National Library of Australia. Index to 160+ Australian health and medical serials with an emphasis on clinical medicine and paraprofessional fields. Source documents include journals, conference proceedings, government reports, selected monographs and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) session reports (to 1996). No longer updated 1968 - December 2009 142,200
Agriculture and Natural Resources Research ANR-I Produced by Infoscan. Bibliographic database of older publications on agriculture and natural resources including sustainable Australian agriculture, food, forestry and fisheries industries and the promotion of conservation and sustainable use of Australia's environment, water and natural resources. Search in conjunction with ANR-Index for a comprehensive search. No longer updated 2000 - June 2007 21,320
Agriculture and Natural Resources Index ANR-IA Produced by Infoscan. Search in conjunction with ANR-I. No longer updated 1975 - June 2007 139,681
Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Information ANSTI Produced by the Information Management Division of the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation. Bibliographic references, most with abstracts, to scientific and technical literature on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. Subjects covered include radiochemistry; nuclear applications in medicine, earth sciences, agriculture, biology and industry; radiation protection; radioactive waste management; nuclear law; economic, sociological and environmental aspects of nuclear and non-nuclear energy. No longer updated 1970 - 2015 32,500
ANZ Books in Print, Books ANZB Produced by THORPE-Bowker. Provides booksellers and librarians with information about Australian and New Zealand books, series of books, imprints and publishers. Books in Print, and Publishers, are listed in two separate files. No longer updated 1958 - December 2003 207,800
APEC Literature Database APECLIT Produced by the Australian APEC Study Centre, Monash University and the University of New South Wales, APECLIT indexes and abstracts articles from published and unpublished materials relevant to the Asia Pacific Economic Community (APEC). Subjects include trade and investment data; trade promotion investment; industrial science and technology; human resource development; energy; telecommunications; marine resource conservation; fisheries; transportation; and tourism. No longer updated 1992 - October 2003 1,703
Australian Architecture Database ARCH Index to material held by the Stanton Library, North Sydney Council. Source documents include journal articles, exhibition reviews, obituaries, editorials, conference proceedings, news items, project articles and award features. Subject coverage includes architects, architecture, building, interior design and landscape architecture. No longer updated 1980 - 2015 40,000
Archives and Records Management Literature in Aus and NZ ARLIT Produced by RMIT School of Business Information Technology. Index to journal articles, conference papers and books on the management and administration of archives and records in Australia and New Zealand. Subject coverage includes record keeping systems, electronic record keeping, disposal, collection management and access. No longer updated 1940 - December 2000 2,060
Australian Tourism Index ATI Produced by the School of International Business, Victoria University of Technology. Index  concerning sport, recreation and tourism from 1982 to 1988, tourism only from 1989, and on tourism and hospitality from 1996. Source documents include books, conference proceedings, audiovisual material, newspapers, journals, reports, commercial publications, unpublished material and government documents. Pacific Asia Travel Association publications included from 1993.  No longer updated 1982 - June 2000 44,490
Indigenous Australia ATSIC Collections of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Library. Subject coverage includes Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander studies, health, education, economy, society, culture and law. No longer updated 1968 - December 2002 29,267
Australian Sport Database AUSPORT Produced by the National Sport Information Centre, Australian Sports Commission. Index of articles from published and unpublished material on all aspects of Australian sport. Source documents include journals, monographs, conference papers, government reports, theses, videotapes and audiocassettes. Subject coverage includes  administration, children, coaching, economics, facilities, history, medicine, nutrition, physiology, psychology, women and Olympic Games (Sydney 2000). No longer updated 1989 - August 2012 46,650
AUSTGUIDE AUSTGUIDE Contains guidelines produced by Bibliographic Services Pty Ltd.  Indexes and abstracts a wide range of general interest periodicals. Subject coverage includes education, science and natural history, geography, business and economics, history and current affairs, literature, information technology and computing.  No longer updated 1986 - November 2006 350,393
Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei/ASEAN Database BERITA Produced by the Ohio University Library. Extensive coverage of articles on Malaysia, Singapore and other South-east Asian countries. Subject coverage includes education, business, law, science and technology, politics and information science. No longer updated 1990 - October 2013 54,746
Bibliography of Indonesian Politics and the Economy BIPE Produced by the School of Asian Studies at the University of Sydney. Covers Indonesian politics, government, economy, political culture and demography. The original source materials are in English and Indonesian and include references to books, book chapters, journal articles and dissertations. No longer updated 1965 - October 1998 12,769
Australian Building Construction and Engineering Database BUILD Produced by the Building Information Resource Centre, CSIRO. Subject coverage includes all aspects of building, construction and engineering: research, materials, structural engineering, urban and regional planning, fire technology. Also covered are aspects of economics, management and communications technology as they relate to building and construction. Sources indexed include websites, conference publications, journal articles, standards, building regulations, technical papers, reports and books. No longer updated 1989 - February 2002 26,648
Chemical Engineering Reference User Bibliography CHERUB Produced by School of Chemical Engineering, Curtin University of Technology, WA. Bibliographic reference source to chemical engineering literature, including general and specialist topics, taken from 49 of the most important journals in the field. Includes subjects such as design and operation of chemical plant and equipment, chemical process information, process control, environmental considerations and mineral processing. No longer updated 1956 - Feb 2012 119,990
Computer Index Australasia CIA Produced by White Room Publishing. Index of general interest computing and communications periodicals, popular journals and newspapers covering evaluation of software and hardware, product updates and testing, new products and applications. No longer updated 1994 - July 2001 21,325
Consumer Sciences Index CSI Produced by Deakin University Library. Index of articles from published material on consumer economics and related fields. Source documents include periodical literature published in Australia and overseas. Subject coverage includes children, clothing, consumer economics, consumer education, craft, family, fashion, food, health, home economics teaching, housing, marriage, nutrition and textiles. No longer updated 1988 - June 2001 27,655
Database on English Language Teaching For Adults in Australasia DELTAA Produced by the National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research (NCELTR), Macquarie University. Bibliographic database of  published and unpublished material on English second language learning and teaching in Australasia from 1982-86, then 1990-2008. DELTAA also contains links to external websites and full text documents. No longer updated 1985 - January 2008 7,814
Edge EDGE Produced by Information Edge. Bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts informative and practical articles from 80 journals that provide international coverage on management, environmental, packaging and building topics.  No longer updated 1985 - May 2007 73,830
Victorian Primary Industries and Environment Catalogue ELIXIR Holdings of Department of Primary Industries Libraries, Victoria. These libraries have specialist collections in ecology, forestry, agriculture, mineral resources, conservation, water and land management, pest plant and animal control, fisheries and marine studies.  No longer updated 1990 - May 2011 184,780
Environmental Abstracts EVA Produced by the EPA Library, is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts 300 journals published in Australia and overseas on the environment and related fields. Pre-February 1998 data includes planning, heritage, urban design and town planning subject coverage. No longer updated 1987 - Oct 2011 19,500
Far North Queensland Collection FNQDB Produced by the Library, Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE to meet the needs of Indigenous students. Subject coverage: Torres Strait; Far North Queensland; Indigenous issues; Local history, environment, eco-tourism, biographies. Source documents include books, magazine articles, videos, pamphlets, brochures, assignments, reports, submissions, newspapers, tapes and posters. No longer updated 1994 - January 1999 23,299
Giblin Working Papers Database GIBLIN Produced by the Giblin Economics and Commerce Library, University of Melbourne. Bibliographic database of  working papers on economics and economics-related topics published in the last 5 years from major universities and research institutes in Australia, Europe and USA.  No longer updated 1990 - October 2006 24,150
HIV/AIDS Database HIVAIDS Bibliographic database of journal articles, books and audiovisual titles listed in the catalogues of the NSW HIV/AIDS Library Network (HALN). No longer updated 1980 - Feb 2014 35,350
INTANMAS INTANMAS Produced by the Charles Darwin University Library and contains bibliographic references to books, periodical articles and dissertations on the Eastern Indonesian provinces of Nusa Tenggara Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Timor Timur (East Timor), Sulawesi, Maluku and Irian Jaya. Also covers references to publications on Australia's relations with South-east Asia, ASEAN and its member nations. No longer updated 1989 - May 2002 15,872
International Taxation Issues Database INTAX Produced by Information Services at the Australian Taxation Office. Bibliographic database of journal articles from over 60 Australian and international journals on taxation aspects of international profit shifting and related taxation topics. Records include legislative references and case citations. Subject coverage includes tax planning, avoidance and evasion, transfer pricing, foreign source income, electronic commerce, and consumption taxes. No longer updated 1990 - July 2003 4304
Australian Industrial Relations Database IREL Produced by the Library of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Indexes and abstracts of  published and unpublished material on industrial relations and related topics, representing views of employees and management. Sources include Australian books, academic and current affairs journals; newsletters of trade union and employer groups, working papers, reports, annual reports, and conference proceedings. No longer updated 1983 - October 2000 19,071
Management and Environment Information MEDGE Produced by Information Edge. Article index and abstracts from 100 journals on management issues for business and government. Subject coverage includes major corporations, management, international and Australian economies, government policy, strategic and financial planning, human resources, quality, marketing and advertising, materials handling and innovation, environmental management; computer information systems, human resources, occupational health and safety, manufacturing research development and new technology.  No longer updated 1985 - July 2006 19,621
Media Scan MEDIASCAN Provides topical subject indexing for students and researchers of the following newspapers: Sydney Morning Herald (Feb 1996 - Jan 2005) The Age (Sep 1991 - Jun 2009) The Australian (Sep 1991 - Jun 2009) The Herald Sun (Sep 1991 - Jun 2009) The Bulletin (Sep 1991 - Dec 2001) The Courier Mail (Jan 1994 - Jan 2005) Sunday Mail (Feb 1994 - Jan 2005) Adelaide Advertiser (Jul 1997 - Oct 2007) West Australian (Jan 1996 - Mar 1997) No longer updated 1991 - 30 June 2009 445,071
Australasian Military History Database MIHILIST Produced by the Library of the Australian Defence Force Academy. Indexes 14 major periodicals for articles on pre-1980 Australian, New Zealand, and Papua-New Guinean military history plus selected monographs.  No longer updated 1987 - August 1999 19,859
NUS Theses Collection NUSTHESES A list of theses submitted to the National University of Singapore and held by NUS Library. Source documents include Higher-degree theses and academic exercises; titles in Chinese are excluded. No longer updated 1947 - September 2007 16,605
Indonesian Learned Periodicals Database PDII-A Produced by the Center for Scientific Documentation and Information - Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PDII - LIPI). Indexes articles on the sciences in Indonesia and conference proceedings, as well as seminar papers on science and technology that were organised in Indonesia. Data, apart from the Subject (SU) and the Descriptor (DE) fields, is mostly in Indonesian No longer updated 1980 - September 2002 96,467
Indonesian Research Report Database PDII-R Produced by the Center for Scientific Documentation and Information - Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PDII - LIPI). Collects and documents Indonesian scientific publication activity, research reports and survey reports. No longer updated 1980 - April 2000 34,068
Periodicals Index PERIND Produced by the National University of Singapore. Index to articles relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN. 250+ journals, book chapters and conference papers span humanities; social sciences;  architecture, building, law and medicine. A small number are in Malay.  No longer updated 1980 - September 2007 126,533
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Province Database REEF Produced by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Bibliography of  published material and grey literature about the Great Barrier Reef Region. Includes scientific and popular books, maps, journal articles and audio-visual materials. No longer updated 1982 - Jul 2014 18m117
Rural and Remote Health Database RURAL Produced by the Monash University School of Rural Health. Contributes to the understanding of rural and remote area health issues and care, and the practice and educational needs of health providers. No longer updated 1966 - Dec 2017 26,250
Science and Geography Education SAGE Started by CSIRO to share results of scientific research with schools and public libraries. Indexes popular journals on a broad range of subjects: Science, Agriculture, Archaeology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Ethics, Geography, Natural History, Physics, Sustainability and Zoology.  No longer updated 1990 - June 2019 126,002
SCANfile SCANfile Produced by the CSIRO Corporate Library and Information Service. Indexed articles on science and  technology policy; research and development; and general management from 1978 onwards. No longer updated 1978 - June 2009 25,078
Singapore/Malaysia Collection SMC The National University of Singapore Library's catalogue holdings of monographs, conference proceedings and periodicals on subjects relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN. No longer updated 1900 - September 2007 82,533
Australian Taxation Abstracts Database TAXABS Produced by Information Services at the Australian Taxation Office. Covers tax and related topics including law child support, accounting, business, finance and superannuation. Include 'The Bulletin' and 'BRW'; relevant cases and legislative references. No longer updated 1992 - September 2003 8,593
Victorian Audit Library Information Service VALISE Produced by the Victorian Auditor-General's Office. Articles on auditing, finance and Government related business topics. Coverage favours Victorian material but includes Australian, British, American, Canadian and New Zealand material. No longer updated 1980 - Aug 2012 11,688
WORKLIT WORKLIT Produced by the Department of Workplace Relations and Small Business. Indexes and abstracts of mostly international published and unpublished material on employment industrial relations and related topics. No longer updated 1907 - December 2002 29,622