How to read the MMBW 40ft to the inch detail plans

How to read Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works detail plans, including the abbreviations, hatchings and symbols used on the plans.

Abbreviations, hatchings & symbols used on the MMBW plans

The MMBW plans held at the State Library do not often include an accompanying key to abbreviations and symbols.  Please refer to the legends below to better understand the information presented in the plans.

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Legend describing what various symbols and line styles mean on the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works detail plans.

Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works detail plan 1873, Town of Brunswick

MMBW key

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Abbreviations not listed on the printed legends

B = Bath

BP = Bath pipe?

BT = Boundary trap

CIP = Cast iron pipe

DT = Disconnector trap

EV = Educt vent

E.L.P = Electric Light Post

GDT = Gully disconnector trap

GIT = Grease interceptor trap

GST = Gully silt trap

GT = Gully trap

GV = Gas valve

GWIP = Galvanised wrought iron pipe

IC = Inspection chamber

IO = Inspection opening

IV = Induct vent

K = Kitchen

L = Laundry

MF = Mica flap

O = Orchard

P.O. Post Office Box Pillar

RT = Reflux trap

SIVP = Soil induct vent pipe

SPD = Stoneware pipe drain

ST = Silt trap

SV = Stop valve

SVP = Soil vent pipe

T = Trough

TIT = Triple interceptor trap

UT = Urinal trap

V = Verandah

VP = Ventilating pipe

WH = Water Hole

WV = Water Valve

Source: Property Service files for 'Miegunyah' as unearthed by architectural historian, Miles Lewis, during research.

Legend to 160 feet to 1 inch plans


If you know any of these abbreviations to be incorrect, or can shed light on the meaning of more abbreviations, please let us know using the Library's feedback form.

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