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Edition variations in SLV holdings

Our microfilm editions of newspapers are not necessarily the same as our hard copy holdings. The most well-known discrepancy is The Argus, which was filmed in Sydney by Pascoe’s microfilming company from the State Library of New South Wales copies (not the Victorian edition). This is further complicated by the indexes, which have been done from the SLV’s bound copies, and therefore do not necessarily correspond to the microfilm.

The Age also seems to have variations for at least some of the 1900s, as discrepancies between photographs accompanying articles in hard copy have been found to be different from those on microfilm in 1957. The Age was also filmed by Pascoe’s, but it is unclear how many years might vary.

The same logic which applies to Melbourne dailies filmed from interstate copies also applies to interstate newspapers for which we hold both film and hard copy (for example, Sydney Morning Herald and Courier-Mail). The first editions of these papers came off the press around 12.30am and were delivered to railway stations and airports, then the suburban agency editions were produced followed by the city street editions which were rolled out around dawn.

The SLV’s policy was to bind the last editions. If that policy was the same interstate, then our bound editions of interstate papers can be different to the editions that were filmed in their home states.

Patrons looking for known items on the film may be able to find them in hard copies – however, retrieving hard copies is subject to normal Access Policy guidelines and thus would  generally only be an option when a reasonably specific date is known.

Herald Sun

The Herald Sun has two catalogue entries for 2004- ; one is a city edition, one the country edition:

Herald sun (Melbourne, Vic. : City ed.) 2004-

Herald sun (Melbourne, Vic. : Country ed.) 2004-

We have filmed the Country edition and some pages of the City edition. The papers are 99% the same so only a few pages of the City edition has been filmed- but we hold both hard copy editions- in the same box, in storage.

There are two daily editions of the Herald Sun: one is called the 'Forecast', the other the 'City' edition:
Forecast = 1st edition
City = 2nd edition

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