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Picture frame design and "Talking machine" cabinet / writing desk 1924.


Right: "Talking machine" (phonograph) cabinet, writing desk and record table. Design by James Alfred Mariner. Class 3. Design number 4886. Date of application: 14 June 1924.

Left:  Picture frame design: the photograph in front is separated from the background image. Design by James Henry Hawarth. Class 5. Design number 5157. Date of application: 13 December 1924.

Jewellery and phonograph cabinet designs


Above: Design for a brooch by Alice Herman Fletcher.

Class 2. Design number 7565. Date of application: 3 April 1929.


Above centre: Design for necklet and earrings. Class 2.  Design number 33002. Designers: Stephen and Agnes Sallay.  Date of application: 23 July 1954.  

Design for costume jewellery ornament. Class 2. Design number 32442. Designer: Abram Miller. Date of application: 5 March 1954. 

Above right: Design for a ring. Class 2. Design number 33430. Designer: Hawke (Aust.) Jewellers, Northcote. Date of application: 28 October 1954.



Right: Phonograph cabinet.  Designed by Cecil Whitford Kennan. Class 3 Design number 6022. Date of application: 25 June 1926.

Kitchen dresser 1926

Design for a kitchen dresser by George Hickmer, Richmond, Victoria. Class 3, Design number 6010. Date of application: 23 June 1926.