Your Library Online

A companion research guide for the Your Library Online webinar

Search example


This video demonstrates how to access our databases and to refine a search for articles on the causes of the global financial crisis


Search for articles across many full text databases though the Library catalogue. From the dropdown box just click on the Articles option and enter keywords to search.



Use the options at left to refine your search.

Article search via catalogue


The Library subscribes to many databases of journal, newspapers and ebooks. Much of the content can be searched concurrently using the Article search option from the search box on any page of our website. However searching individual databases can be an effective way of finding information too.

The advantage of searching individual databases is that the search methods and data is consistent across the database.  This allows a more accurate search and more consistent and relevant results. The main issue with searching individual databases is to be aware of the range and breadth of material likely to be available via a specific database.

Access databases from the A-Z databases link under Search & discover on our website

Databases from different companies look and operate differently but all will have a search box and similar search options. Many of them offer sophisticated search options.


Citations give details of where an article or a piece of information was published.  Many online databases contain the full text of articles that are cited, but sometimes only the citation, and not the full text, is available.

If there is only a citation available through our databases, you can search our Library catalogue to see if we hold the publication containing the article. You can also search the Trove database which includes most holdings at most libraries around Australia.

This is an example of a citation


See also our guide to Citation Management.


For the best results, enter your keywords in the search box and then choose 'eBooks' from the dropdown menu (default search is 'Everything except articles').

You can also search and then apply filters to your results. The filters column, 'Refine results by' is usually displayed to the right of your search results. Choose 'Available online' under Availability and 'Books' under Resource Type, then click ‘Apply filters’.

To view the ebook click on the Available online link.

It will prompt you to login (if you haven’t done so already).


We are continually adding ebooks to our catalogue.

Browse our curated Ebookshelf (updated monthly).

You can see previous highlights on the Ebookshelf Archive.


Realia are physical 3-dimensional objects. These are collections that are difficult to retrieve for viewing at the library, so our digitised images of them are incredibly valuable, accurate (and fun!) 

If you have a subject in mind, put it in the search box, click search and then from the right-hand side of the screen select Realia (under Resource Type).

You will notice that most of the items under Realia are pictures and are available online.

When you click on Available online the library viewer will open the picture for you in a separate window. You can zoom in a out, using the + and – buttons (down left-side corner of the picture). You can open it in full screen from the pointing arrows button (down left-side corner of the picture). You can download it by clicking the arrow down button (down right-side corner of the picture).

If you wish to download the image, a message will appear on the screen to let you know whether the work is still in Copyright or not, and what are the Conditions of use.  After reading you can choose the format in which to download the image (JPEG or TIFF).