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These can be produced by peak bodies and affiliated groups or by commercial publishers and they will vary in the amount of substantial up-to-date information offered.

While many are available online, some are not covered by any indexes or online services.

Content tends to be short newsy articles that assume familiarity with the industry covered.

A search of Ulrich'sWeb, a global online directory of periodicals available at the State Library, is an excellent way to identify journals and newsletters in a particular industry.

Also search our catalogue using the name of an industry with keywords industry and periodicals.

For example bicycle industry periodicals or cosmetic industry periodicals

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In line with the stage 3 restrictions announced by the Premier, State Library Victoria closed on Thursday 9 July.

We will advise when there is any update to this situation.

Our Ask A Librarian  reference service is still available to assist with your research inquiries.