How to find medical information

Find medical and health information from reputable web resources, and from books and journal databases at the State Library of Victoria.

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Welcome. This guide aims to help you find medical or health information from both library and web-based resources. Tools to assist you in selecting good quality, reliable information are also provided.

Step 1

A good place to start is with definitions of terms, for example what is myocardial infarction (answer: heart attack), or the correct term for manic depression (answer: bipolar disorder). 

Look for definitions, and brief explanations, in medical dictionaries and encyclopedias: books; ebooks (via electronic databases); or through some reputable free websites. A selection of these resources are listed on this page.

Dictionaries and encyclopedias - ebooks

These resources are all available at the Library from any computer terminal, or from your laptop using the free wi-fi service.

Also, any Victorian registered State Library of Victoria user can access these ebooks online from home.

Dictionaries and encyclopedias - websites

The following are free and from reputable sources on the web:

An historic view...


Medlineplus - anatomy videos
These animated videos show the anatomy of body parts and organ systems and how diseases and conditions affect them.