Finding music scores and popular songs

How to locate sheet music for opera, popular songs and classical music. Information on finding music criticism

State Library Victoria

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This research guide provides information on locating sheet music for popular songs, operas and classical scores. The guide also has suggestions for finding music criticism.

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This is a perpetual work in progress. If you detect errors, or if you can suggest other information sources or approaches to the topic, please contact us.

The Arts Library

The Arts Library at the State Library of Victoria holds the largest publicly accessible arts collection in Victoria. This include books, journals, recorded music, musical scores, sheet music and ephemera.

There is also a large selection of arts-related dictionaries, encyclopedias, online and electronic databases, indexes and directories.

The Arts Library also contains a wide range of material for musicians and music researchers. This includes musical scores and sheet music (popular and classical), collected editions of composers' works, piano-vocal scores of operas and musicals, biographies and historical works.

Recorded sound and video in various formats - including 78 RPM, vinyl, DVDs and compact discs - is also well represented in the collection.

Funky & Famous, Greville Street, Prahran H2011.150/85

Funky & Famous, Greville Street, Prahran / Rennie Ellis. H2011.150/85

Different styles of street music IAN21/08/86/137

Different styles of street music IAN21/08/86/137

Bob Dylan Myer Music Bowl 1978 Rennie Ellis H2011.2/4642