Publish your family history

Provides advice and resources for publishing your family history.

Legal Deposit

Publishers of family histories in Victoria have additional responsibilities and opportunities, in the form of legal deposit and family history awards.

It is a legal requirement for copy of works published in Victoria to be deposited with State Library Victoria under section 49 of the Libraries Act 1988 (Vic). A copy of printed publications is also required to be deposited with the National Library of Australia.

National edeposit

Once you have printed the book, the next stage is to decide where to distribute it and for future access. Maybe donate to NED as part of your planning process.

NED is a national edeposit service, archives and preserves digital books. Books deposited to NED will be available to state libraries and the National Library of Australia. Also, it meets the mandate for a legal deposit to be made to state and national libraries. NED is a helpful tool. The platform’s distribution is Australia-wide. It is equitable access that enables a vast amount of people the chance to read your book.

There are conditions to adhere to before you can deposit a copy. To learn more about NED, go here.


The Alexander Henderson Award is presented annually by Family History Connections and judges the best Australian family history published in Australia in the previous year. You may wish to nominate your family history for this Award. Visit the Family History Connections website for more information.