Trade marks

Australian, Victorian, British and American trade marks

United States trade marks

Premier Pure Preserves Francis H Leggett & Co New York, USA Trade Marks Journal 22 Aug 1928, p 1350Print journal, indexes included

1872 to 1971 - Official gazette of the United States Patent Office - held offsite - covers trade marks & patents

1972 to 1975- Official gazette of the United State Patent Office. Trademarks - held offsite

Print index

Keyword index of registered trade marks, 1790 to 1873, published in Volume 3 (pages 1,930 to 1,946) of the Subject-matter index of patents for inventions issued by the United States Patent Office from 1790 to 1873, inclusive (1976) - 3 volumes - R 608 UN3S

Online index

Index of trademarks issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office - 1927-1991 (incomplete) (Hathi Trust Digital Library). Each annual volume contains an alphabetical list of registrants of trademarks.

Online databases

Search for US trade marks via the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Great Britain trade marks

 Le Coq D'or Wickham & Co Devonshire, England Trade Marks Journal 3 Oct, 1928, p1580Trade marks 

First registered in 1875 under a system of 50 Classes of goods. In 1934 the 50 Class system was replaced with a 34 Class system. In 1984, services as well as goods were registered, and the classification system was extended to 42 Classes. (Source "Useful books" (1) GB Section 2.7 Trade marks)

Print journals

1876 to 1989 (incomplete)  The Trade Marks Journal (Great Britain), held offsite.

Arranged in Class order, with registration number, name of registrant, and description of the trade marked product. Contains illustrations of accepted applications advertised before registration. Includes an annual name index to registrants 1876-1978. (Source "Useful books" (1) GB Section 2.7 Trade marks)


Search for currently registered trade marks via the GB Intellectual Property Office website

International trade marks

Two free international trade mark databases are the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Global Brand Database (includes Australian trade mark registrations), and the TMView database (registered trade marks of EU member states).

Gramophone records


The Duophone & Unbreakable Record Company, London
Trade Marks Journal 29 August 1928, p 1376

Trade mark Jnl 28 Aug 1928 p 1377

Goodson Gramophone Record Company London
Trade Marks Journal 29 August 1928, p1377

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