VCE Ancient history - units 3 & 4

A guide to the VCE units on Ancient History including Egypt, Greece and Rome

Online articles & books

The Library holds a wide range of printed resources on Ancient Egypt. We also hold a number of ebooks. 

For tips on searching for items on your VCE Ancient history reading list see our Get started page.


Ebooks can be accessed from anywhere by any registered Victorian user. The books can be downloaded or read online. 

Print books

The Library holds a wide range of print books on many aspects of the history of Ancient Egypt. Use more specific keywords when searching the print collections as they are much larger and more varied.  When you find relevant books click on the title to expand the entry and then click on the subject headings in the record. This will bring up records for other books on the same subject.

Alter the options from the dropdown next to the search box to include print books as well.  

Search for Pelopponesian War on catalogue


Use our catalogue to search for full text articles. Many of the issues have very specific names and so searches on those terms should retrieve articles.  Don't try to narrow down searches too much. It is better to get a broader range of results and then to assess the articles that are listed.

For brief biographical overviews search Biography in context.

Also search for specific people using the Article search. 'Peer reviewed' items have been checked by experts before publication and the 'Articles' facets should remove articles that are just reviewing books about the issue you are researching.

Article search using peer reviewed and articles facet


JSTOR is an excellent database for articles on various aspects of ancient history. The database includes long runs of scholarly journals.

Many results will be found also using the 'Article' search through our catalogue (see on this page).

The 'full-text' search covers the entire text of articles. If you choose the 'articles' in 'Advanced search' you will avoid book reviews.

Roman republic and economics search

Gale Virtual Reference Library is useful as a reference tool for items about aspects of Ancient History. 

Choose 'subject' for a more specific search or 'basic search' for a broader search.

Search using Gale Virtual Reference