VCE Global politics - Units 3 & 4 - Global actors & challenges

Identifies resources and search strategies to access relevant items for the VCE Global politics - Global actors & challenges

What is a citation?

Citations give details of where an article or a piece of information was published.  Many online databases contain the full text of articles that are cited, but sometimes only the citation, and not the full text, is available.

If there is only a citation available through our databases, you can search our Library catalogue to see if we hold the item. You can also search the Trove database which covers holdings at libraries around Australia.

See the following citation from the AustLit database.




To locate this article through the Library catalogue, first try a search just for the article - The Distance between Desire and Need by Paul Plisiewicz  - using the Articles option.

Article search on the Library catalogue


An alternative is to search for the journal title Antipodes under Everything except articles. If it is available online there will be a View online tab.


Title search

Catalogue search for Antipodes

If we hold the issue you want, navigate to the relevant issue - December, 2009,  Vol 23 #2 p215 - and then to the article.


JSTOR search

Review record

The Trove database contains records from libraries across Australia. If you cannot find a journal or book on our catalogue search Trove to see if another Library holds the item.

Citation management

See our Research Guide on Citation management.

Learn skills


Check our ergo site for practical guides to researching assignments, writing essays and studying for exams.

There's also plenty of examples that clearly show you how to apply your new skills.

There are videos of authors and academics who share their research, writing and study tips.

Online learning

For more on locating and using information and developing research skills, see these online courses. You can work through each module or dip in and out for the information you need.