VCE Global politics units - Unites 3 & 4 - Global actors & challenges

Identifies resources and search strategies to access relevant items for the VCE Global politics - Global actors & challenges

Climate change

There will be vast amounts of information on climate change. Below are a few resources and suggestions for researching this issue.


International bodies


We hold a wide range of books on climate change, many of them available as ebooks. 


Armed conflict


Specific conflicts





Specific terrorist organisations

  • Ebooks on Islamic State
    • change or add terms, use the "refine results by" to narrow search
  • Articles on Islamic State
    • there are a vast number of articles on Islamic State, note this more specific search. 
    • search using quite specific terms, specify date range for most recent articles, limit to peer reviewed for the best quality articles

Economic instability


  • Economic crises International encyclopedia of the social sciences
    • note the "See Also"  options at the end of the article.


This is a very broad topic, use quite specific keywords to narrow your search. Consider searching in a specific database rather than using 'article search' to search across many databases.

This search was was done on Proquest. Not all these articles will be relevant but a number might be. The search was for terms 'econom*' and 'instability' with the subject 'globali*ation' for peer reviewed articles published since 2010. See also these articles:

Specific issues

Key online resources

Listed below are key online resources accessible through the Library.

Library catalogue

Use our catalogue to search for online articles across our databases. Advanced search is the best option

Use the 'Refine results by filters' to focus your search

Filters to narrow your search

Change scopes to locate different types of material. For example ebooks or print books

Example of scopes

Online databases