VCE Global politics units - Unites 3 & 4 - Global actors & challenges

Identifies resources and search strategies to access relevant items for the VCE Global politics - Global actors & challenges


Definitions and overviews of non-government organisations

Definitions and overviews of terrorist organisations

Definitions and overviews of transnational corporations 

Non state organisations

Legal non governmental organisations

Global terror movements

Transnational corporations

  • Transnational Corporations journal produced by United Nations. Covers a range of issues relating to transnational companies, can search within journal. Articles relate to the relationship between countries and corporations.
  • Ebooks on transnational companies. Note the subject heading is 'International business enterprises'
    • change the search scope to 'books' and refine creation date to find recent printed books held by the Library
    • alter search terms to further refine search
  • article search for transnational corporations
    • search for specific companies by name
    • Encyclopedia of global brands. 2 volumes.  Overview of wide range of transnational companies
    • Hoover company records is a good place to find company overviews. Browse or search for individual companies
    • current and recent annual reports tend to be on company websites, however if you are searching for annual reports for specific companies prior to 2009 browse or search the Proquest annual report collection 

Key online resources

Listed below are key online resources accessible through the Library.

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