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About votes and proceedings

The Votes & proceedings  are equivalent to the minutes of proceedings of the House of Representatives.

The Votes & proceedings include references to each stage of a bill as well as the text of amendments made to bills. They can be used as a way of verifying:

  • titles of bills
  • dates bills were debated
  • any amendments moved and adopted in the lower house.

The Votes & proceedings are produced daily when Parliament is sitting and are then cumulated after the end of a parliamentary term. The cumulated volumes also include indexes to the Votes & proceedings as well as a separate index to Parliamentary papers presented during that term and other information.

From 1901/2 to 1964/66 this title was numbered as vol.1 of the Parliamentary papers. Since 1967 it has been issued separately.


Online search engines are available for 1982 to current, and many earlier volumes can be searched online too.

Printed indexes are included with each bound sessional Votes & Proceedings volume.

The following printed index is also available: