Citation management

A guide to saving citations and creating bibliographies from the State Library catalogue.

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Caitlyn Grant
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Whether you are writing an essay for school, conducting research for a university assignment or undertaking a personal or professional research project, at some point you will need to create a bibliography and cite your references. The purpose of this guide is to make the process of referencing as painless as possible by showing you how to save a citation directly from our Library catalogue or use freely accessible citation management tools to manage your references and generate a bibliography.

In this guide you will find a brief overview of several of the main citation styles, instructions for saving a citation from the Library catalogue and details for how to export citations directly into online citation management tools.

Please note: If you wish to reproduce or reference Library material in a publication or display, please state which collection an item has been sourced from, following the guidelines listed on the Citing library items page for the correct terminology to use for each collection.