Protests, activism & dissent in Victoria

Research the history of activism, protests, rallies and campaigners in Victoria using pamphlets, posters, badges, images, articles, interviews and books.


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Collection topics

Our collections are especially strong in these subject areas:

  • abortion
  • alternative media
  • alternative society
  • animal rights
  • Communism
  • conscription
  • conservation
  • disarmament
  • education
  • energy
  • environment
  • housing
  • health
  • homosexuality
  • immigration
  • land rights
  • May Day
  • Middle East
  • nuclear war
  • peace
  • public transport
  • racism
  • republicanism
  • strikes
  • unemployment
  • uranium
  • women's rights


The State Library of Victoria collects a variety of materials relating to:

  • activism
  • trade unions
  • environmental groups
  • feminist organizations
  • anti-war groups
  • student organizations
  • anti-poverty groups
  • grassroots campaigns and campaigners
  • other radical, dissident, advocacy or protest groups

Nuclear war - not a teddy bears picnic, H90.95/1

A highlight is our Riley & Ephemera Collection, which includes pamphlets, posters, badges and other ephemeral materials. The bias of this collection is left-wing, reflecting the position of its founding donor, Fred Riley, and the nature of the organizations who rely on promoting their causes through ephemeral items like leaflets. However attempts are made to collect from all points of view.

The Library holds a wide range of material relating to governments, politicians and political parties in its government and law and manuscript collections, as well as the Riley & Ephemera Collection. This guide does not cover how to research political parties and politicians, but it will help you discover who supported and opposed their proposals and decisions.

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State Library Victoria


Yandell Walton, Rebecca McIntosh & Dell Stewart, I own MY BITS!, H2000.50/10