Protests, activism & dissent in Victoria

Research the history of activism, protests, rallies and campaigners in Victoria using pamphlets, posters, badges, images, articles, interviews and books.

Books about protest movements

The library holds an extensive collection of books about important Australian campaigns and campaign groups. Search our catalogue by group name, topic or book title to find these books. Remember that the catalogue does not list every piece of information contained in each book. If a book sounds like it relates to the group, campaign or period of history that you are interested in, and covers the right timeframe, look in the book's index for references to the topic you are researching.

Here is a sample of some of the useful books that you can find:

Books about campaigners

The library holds an extensive collection of biographies and autobiographies about prominent Australian campaigners. Search our catalogue using subject's name, book title or author's name to find these books.

Examples of biographies in our collection include Bob Brown: gentle revolutionary, Bread & roses: a personal history of three militant women and their friends 1902-1988 and Margaret Holmes: the life and times of an Australian peace campaigner.

Autobiographies include left-wing journalist Wilfred Burchett's At the barricades and social justice campaigner and minister Tim Costello's Streets of hope: finding God in St Kilda.

Biographical compilations include Rebels and radicals and Under the Southern Cross: the rebels, martyrs, exiles and activists who shaped Australia.

You should also check the indexes of books about protest movements for references to significant campaigners.

Our page about researching campaigners will help you find other sources of information about individuals.