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Find out about magic, magicians and conjuring using magic resources from the W G Alma Conjuring Collection and other sources

Finding images

The Alma Collection contains over 300 posters and over 2000 photographs.

Nearly all of these images have been digitised and can be viewed online using the Library catalogue.

Many of these images are photographic copies made by Will Alma from original images in newspapers, magazines or publicity so the quality is variable.

To view images do a simple keyword search and narrow your search down from the options on the left side of the results screen. For instance try this search on Levante and then choose 'pictures' from under the 'Resources' heading.

To narrow your search just to posters, include the term posters in your catalogue search.  For instance try magic posters to retrieve most items.

You could also restrict your search to posters for specific magicians. For instance: Thurston posters.

Ordering images

ALMA93.2/179 Image No: al000149
The Incomparable Sloggetts,
ALMA93.2/179 Image No: al00014

 High quality copies of images can be ordered through the Library's image service.

It should be noted that photographs within the Alma Collection may be of variable quality. This is because Will Alma took many photographs of images in magazines and newspapers.

The quality of an image online will give a clear indication of the quality of a reproduction of the image.

Each record will display this icon Order a copy to take you to the online image ordering service.

See the Order copies pages for more information, including prices.

Turnaround time is usually within 15 working days of receipt of payment.

Magic poster


Triumphant American tour, George the supreme master of magic 
ALMA2004.2/003  Image No: mp019047