Magic & magicians

Find out about magic, magicians and conjuring using magic resources from the W G Alma Conjuring Collection and other sources

Magic tricks

Great Barrie ALMA93.2/219 / al000209

The Great Barrie, ALMA 93.2/219 

Books on tricks

The Library holds a large range of resources on magic tricks. These include books, also online books and journal articles.

To find records for books, search the Library catalogue using keywords for specific types of magic.

For instance try a search for 'egg magic', 'card tricks' or 'hypno* magic'. (Hypno* will include varying endings such as hypnosis, hypnotist). 

Have a look at this broad search on 'magic tricks'.  Note the options for narrowing the search on the left hand side of the page.

Select 'Pictures' from the 'Resources' list to view images. See the 'Images & posters' tab above for more information on images.

Watching tricks

Magic is a performing art so it is instructive (and delightful) to see tricks demonstrated. Youtube is a useful website where you can see magicians of all styles perform many classic tricks. Here is one from the magnificent Rene Lavand. Lavand performs all his magic tricks one-handed. The DVD featured, Close-up artistry, is part of the Alma Collection.

Blow Books

Mastering the art of Shadowgraphy

Online books and magazines

The Library subscribes to a range of magic eresources which will include many articles and books on tricks. There will also be interviews and reviews.