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Australian shipwrecks

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Information about shipwrecks may also be available in historic newspapers. For more information about finding shipping information in newspapers look at the guide How to find items in newspapers.

Shipwrecks in Victoria

J.K. Loney's book Victorian shipwrecks offers a comprehensive overview of the subject. It also covers Bass Strait, King Island and the Kent group.

The book features chapters on specific areas, encyclopedia entries for vessels over 100 tons lost and a list of vessels under 100 tons lost.  

Included are appendices on lighthouses, wrecks on inland waters, vessels scuttled, vessels missing from Victorian ports and vessels exceeding 500 tons that were stranded but refloated.

To find information on shipwrecks at specific locations in Victoria, search the Library's catalogue using 'Victoria' and 'Shipwrecks' as subject headings combined with the name of the location as a keyword. See examples for Apollo Bay and Port Phillip.

Shipwrecks online

Australian national shipwreck database indexes all known shipwrecks in Australian waters.

Victorian heritage database - Shipwrecks  a fully searchable online database containing information about Victorian Heritage Places and Precincts.

Includes statements of significance, physical descriptions and historical information. 

Shipwreck information is often more extensive that that which appears in the Australian national shipwreck database.

WRECKsite the world's largest online wreck database