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Find documents, photographs and objects in the Coles Myer archive at State Library Victoria. Coles and Myer are two of Australia’s most iconic retailing brands.

Search the Records of Coles Myer

Browse or search the Records of Coles Myer using finding aids detailing the contents of this archive. The following finding aids are available online, and include links to view digitised items. Once you have chosen a finding aid of interest, you will be able to search or browse the contents, and identify collection items that have been digitised:

MS13468/1.ARCHS001 : Previous lists of Coles Myer archives
MS13468/2.BLAXS001 : Blaxland Galleries artists, exhibitions and catalogue files
MS13468/3.BLAXS002 : Blaxland Galleries miscellaneous files
MS13468/4.COLES014 : G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd. general store files : includes Coles Variety Stores, Coles Foodmarkets, Coles New World Stores, Coles Department Stores (CSD), Coles Fossey stores, Coles supermarkets and distribution centres / warehouses
MS13468/5.COLES016 : Coles staff and personnel records
MS13468/6.COLES020 : Coles newspaper clippings : also includes newspaper clippings for Coles Myer Ltd.
MS13468/7.COMYS022 : Records from the Coles Myer Museum / Archive
MS13468/9.COMYS024 : Records from the Coles Myer Museum / Archive - Subject Files
MS13468/10.COMYS025 : Records from the Coles Myer Museum / Archive - Administration Files
MS13468/11.COMYS026 : Coles Myer Audio Visual
MS13468/12.KMARS001 : K mart (Australia) Ltd. store files : includes K mart and Super K mart stores
MS13468/13.REALS001 : Realia found in the Coles Myer Archive
MS13468/14 : Files relating to Coles Food Markets Pty. Ltd., Coles Country Stores, and Coles Country Store Divisions
MS13468/15 : Coles New World Supermarkets files, Publicity material for G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd. and Coles supermarkets, and Coles supermarkets trading and expense reports
MS13468/16 : Files relating to a number of Shopping Centres, including Port Road Shopping Centre, Westland Shopping Centre and Reynella Shopping Centre
MS13468/17 : G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd. legal and correspondence files
MS13468/18 : K Mart (Australia) Ltd. Business files; and files of S.S Kresge Company Pty. Ltd. and K Mart Corporation Ltd.
MS13468/19 : K Mart (Australia) Ltd. general files, training material catalogues, advertising scrap books and staff newsletters
MS13468/20 : G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd.misceallaneous files and other miscellaneous publications
MS13468/21 : Coles Memorabilia, Family material and photographs
MS13468/22 : Grace Bros. and J.B. Young Ltd. business files
MS13468/23 : Grace Bros. company sales plans, catalogues, news clippings and reports
MS13468/24 : Grace Bros. staff and personnel files, training, staff policies, pension fund and store newsletters; also, senior executive study trips and misc. files
MS13468/25 : Grace Bros. photographs, memorabilia, history (inc. Myer takeover) and 100 year centenary celebrations
MS13468/26 : Grace Bros. & Farmers/ Myer (NSW) branch stores files; and Grace Bros. store design
MS13468/27 : Misc. publications collected by Grace Bros.; material related to various Sydny and N.S.W. companies; and Dry Goods Economist catalogues
MS13468/28 : Files relating to Allan & Stark Ltd., Bairds, Boans Ltd., Brownells Ltd., Craig Williamson & Thomas Ltd., HFC Financial Services, James Marshall & Co. Ltd., McWhirters Ltd., Paterson Powell Pty. Ltd., Red Rooster Foods, San Remo, Stephens & Sons Pty. Ltd.
MS13468/29 : Files relating to S.O. Beilby Blackwood Lowe Pty. Ltd., Lallah Dredge, F. & G. Stores, Foy & Gibson Pty. Ltd., Hoskins Stores Pty. Ltd., John Connell Dickens & Co. Ltd., J.H. Coles Pty. Ltd., Manton & Sons, Neway, Cash and Carry Stores Ltd., O. Gilpin Lt
MS13468/30 : Material relating to Matthews, Thompson & Co.; also, Selfridges (Australiasia) Ltd.
MS13468/31 : Material relating to Fossey's and Target Australia
MS13468/32 : Material relating to Bi-Lo, Country Road Clothing Pty. Ltd., Newmart, Officeworks, Progressive Enterprises Ltd., Shoey's Stores and World 4 Kids
MS13468/33 : Material relating to Ezywalkin, Katie's stores, Liquorland and Mac the Slasher
MS13468/34 : Coles materials, including Coles Myer merger material, Corp. Affairs/Public Affairs files, memorabilia, publicity material, and photographs
MS13468/35 : Material relating to Coles Myer : misc. files staff and personnel records, talks by executives and Coles Myer Computerised Wage System and related issues
MS13468/36 : Coles Myer Ltd. Reports (inc. annual reports), meeting minutes, news releases; also, Coles Myers fast food and Coles Myers Properties files
MS13468/37 : Material relating to Farmer & Co., Australia's 150th birthday & Captain Cook bicentenary celebrations, Radio Station 2FC, and the official opening of the Sydney Opera House
MS13468/38 : Material relating to Farmer & Co. finances and accounts
MS13468/39 : Farmer & Co. material personnel files and material relating to its staff
MS13468/40 : Material relating to Farmer & Co. advertising; other New South Wales retailers; E. Way & Company Ltd.; and, Farmer & Co. hairdressing dept..
MS13468/41.MYERS007 : Myer Emporium Ltd. staff and personnel records
MS13468/42 : Myer Emporium Ltd. material relating to staff training and remuneration
MS13468/43 : Myer Family material; also, material relating to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and Sidney Myer Fund/Myer Foundation
MS13468/44 : Myer Emporium Ltd. committee meetings and directors' records, also Myer director's misc. files
MS13468/45 : Myer Emporium Ltd. annual reports; Reports to Myer coporate board; and, Myer Information Services & communications technology files
MS13468/46 : Material relating to Myer Emporium Ltd. finances and accounts; also Myer Emporium Ltd. legal files
MS13468/47 : Myer Stores and shopping centre files; also, Myer property files
MS13468/48 : Myer newspaper & magazine advertisements leaflets, brochures, and catalogues; also, Myer correspondence files
MS13468/49.MYERS002 : Myer memorabilia
MS13468/50 : Myer business files; also, material relating to Myer N.S.W., S.A., and overseas operations
MS13468/51 : Myer Christmas files and publicity material; also, Mural Hall and the Napier Waller Murals
MS13468/52 : Misc. publications collected by Myer; Myer takeovers of other companies
MS13468/53 : Myer Emporium Ltd. general company information and misc. files; also, Myer Museum files
MS13468/54 : Myer newspaper clippings; Myer Emporium Ltd. Photographs; also, Jean Carter's files
MS13468/55 : G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd. staff newsletters, training material, staff suggestion schemes and staff share issue loan repayments; also L.R. Robinson Award for Merchandising
MS13468/56 : G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd. meeting minutes, reports (inc. annual reports), memos and news bulletins; also, state managers' files and senior executive interstate and overseas trips
MS13468/57 : Coles store managers' residences; G.J. Coles &Coy Ltd. Real Estate Department / Property Department files
MS13468/58 : G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd. general company information; Coles stores catalogues and scrapbooks of advertisements; also, Research Dept. files
MS13468/59 : G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd. public relations files; extended shopping hours campaigns (G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd. / The Myer Emporium Ltd. / Coles Myer Ltd.); Coles company sales plans/bulletins; also, Price scanning files
MS13468/60.COLES045 : Coles stores' real estate / legal documents : includes Coles stores and warehouses
MS13468/61 : G.J. Coles & Coy. Ltd. business files, accounts, share registers, deeds and debentures; also, J.G. Wilson Pty. Ltd., Jackron Investments, Arkamin Liquorland and Norgan-Vaaz files; and, Merchandise buying case files

Digitised collection items

Over 6000 items in the Records of Coles Myer have been digitised. Digitised items are linked in finding aids; for example, in the finding aid Realia found in the Coles Myer Archive you will find a link to the digitised Starlet Compact Rouge - Orchid Hue (COMY32485).