Companies in Australia

Find current and historical information about Victorian and other Australian companies.

ASIC Register of Organisations & Business Names

When searching for company information, always consult the Organisations & Business Names Register of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Among other things, it can tell you:

  • if it's a company or a business name (see guide to Australian business structures)
  • if it's registered or deregistered - whether or not it's still in business
  • if it's a public company and if it's listed on the ASX
  • if it has had any previous names
  • if any registered charges are in effect (secured debt)

However, it does not tell you:

  • the identities of its owners, directors, shareholders
  • the identity of entities holding any registered charges
  • addresses or other contact details.

To find these details, you will need to see a company extract. 

To find who or what has registered a business name, you will need to see a business name extract.

Purchasing extracts and other documents

Extracts and other documents can be purchased directly from ASIC.  Examples and prices of these products can be found on ASIC's webpage, Fees and examples of paid products.

Extracts and documents can also be purchased from authorised information brokers. In addition to offering the ASIC-generated products, brokers may also offer extended customer support, a variety of payment options and additional products (credit reports, for example).  Products, servces and pricing regimes vary significantly among the brokers, so it's a good idea to shop around.

ASIC alerts

The ASIC offers a free service that enables you to set up and manage 'Company Alert Profiles' for the companies you want to monitor. You receive overnight email notification of any documents a company submits to the ASIC.