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Help for Library users of ebook platforms available at the State Library


Alert there is a known issue with downloading EBSCO ebooks via Adobe Digital Editions. We will update this page when it is resolved.

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To search for ebooks see tips on our Finding ebooks page.  Any items with digital content will have an Available online link. The ebook catalogue record's Access Online section includes a link to this instructional guide and a link to view online.

If the 'Available' message says EBSCOhost ebook, follow these instructions. Otherwise see our ProQuest Ebook Central page.

EBSCOhost ebooks database

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Connect to EBSCO ebook titles through the State Library catalogue.

You can also browse and search across the full text of all EBSCOhost ebooks by visiting the database.

See EBSCO's own ebook guide for detailed help and troubleshooting.

Downloading an ebook from EBCSO

Once you click View ebookyou will be prompted to log in with your valid library barcode and accept the conditions of access.

If you experience any issues logging in or need to renew your membership please contact us

NOTE: if you use a VPN you may not be able to access ProQuest ebooks. Turn off VPN or change your IP address back to Australia to continue.

The ebook Detail Page will open in EBSCO.


Read Online is often a quick and easy option. The EBSCO online reader includes useful tools to read and make notes.

You can also copy pages as text or save as PDF (within the limits set by the publisher). You can keep text or PDF files forever. If you have reached the maximum number of pages to copy/save, try again later - the allowance resets each day.

Download full ebook to read offline on your compatible device - PC, iOS, android or supported ereader (not Kindle).

Click Full Text to read the ebook in your browser. You may have a choice between Epub or PDF.

EBSCO's ebook reader is similar to ProQuest's. There are a few key differences:

  • copy text directly from the page. Usually unlimited copy/paste.
  • Add comments by clicking 'My Notes' (next to Contents menu). No highlighting.
  • Dictionary feature - highlight a word and look up the definition



If you choose to read the book online you will see a box that indicates how many pages you can print or save.

These limits may vary from book to book, depending on publisher allowances and the size of the book.

You can save allowable portions as a pdf.

Before downloading an EBSCO ebook to read offline, you will be prompted to either sign in with a Google account or create a free MyEBSCO account. This is separate to your State Library Victoria account.

Screenshot of EBSCOhost login


Click on Full Download to "borrow" a copy of the complete book on your device. If there is no tab, then this title is not available for download due to publisher restrictions.

You will need:

1. a compatible device. Includes desktop computers, iOS/Android mobile devices, and most ereaders (note: not Kindle. Check your device's support page for details.)

2. free, basic software. Ebook files are protected with Adobe DRM (Digital Rights Management). Use Adobe Digital Editions or your favorite compatible ebook reader app. Adobe Digital Editions can be used without an Adobe ID, however it's recommended to create a free Adobe ID account to read ebooks on multiple devices.

3. Google or MyEbsco account

You will be guided through the download steps.

You can choose a download period of between 1 and 7 days. Once downloaded, the book will remain on your PC/device until the download period expires or you return the ebook. If you need more time, download the ebook again.​

Screenshot of full ebook download

Please note: iOS 13+ devices using the Safari browser will need to access the downloaded eBook file from the Files app. For step-by-step instructions see EBSCO How can I download and read eBooks on my mobile device?

The age of your device, operating system, browser or app version may contribute to issues. Follow the general troubleshooting steps below for common errors:

  • Repeat the process to check it's not a temporary glitch.
  • Turn your device off and on and clear your cache and cookies. 
  • Try de-authorizing and re-authorizing Adobe Digital Editions. 

For continuing issues please Ask A Librarian. Please provide details of the problem and your device.