Ebooks: using our ebook collection

Help for Library users of ebook platforms available at the State Library

Searching for ebooks in the catalogue

You can limit your catalogue search to ebooks only. Enter your keywords then choose 'ebooks' from the dropdown menu (default search is 'Everything except articles').

Screenshot of ebooks filter menu


You can also search and then apply a filter to your results. Filters are shown to the right of your search results. Choose 'Ebooks' under SLV Collection (you may need to click 'show more' first). Other filtering options include subject, date and author.

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Ebooks in your search results will show Availability: "Access online" and include an Available online link.

Screenshot of ebook catalogue record


To view an ebook, first select the title or Available online link from your search results, then click on View ebook found below the title details.

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If you're outside the Library you'll need to log in with your valid library barcode and accept the conditions of access to start reading online.

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How to video

Library Search

Search our Library catalogue for ebooks:


We are continually adding ebooks to our catalogue.

Browse our curated Ebookshelf (updated monthly).

You can see previous highlights on the Ebookshelf Archive.

Other ebook sources

See our other ebook sources page for details on how to find and access more ebooks.

Only downloadable ebooks from EBSCOhost and ProQuest will be found using the ebook catalogue filter.

Some other databases also include ebooks. You can find these ebooks by visiting the database or searching the catalogue using the articles filter.

We collect books in digital format through the National Edeposit system, and we also digitise printed historic material from our collections.

Finding fashion ebooks

Visit the Berg Fashion Library database with 130+ titles covering important classic and modern writings plus reference works and the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion.

State Library Victoria


In line with the stage 3 restrictions announced by the Premier, State Library Victoria closed on Thursday 9 July.

We will advise when there is any update to this situation.

Our Ask A Librarian  reference service is still available to assist with your research inquiries.