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Information on accessing English language testing materials

State Library Victoria


The Library is partially open to pre-booked and walk-up visitors. Our Ask A Librarian reference service is available to assist with your research inquiries online and over the phone.

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This guide explains what resources the State Library holds that can assist when learning English, and how to locate those items on our Library catalogue. The guide also identifies resources for English language tests such as IELTS.

Our holdings of other English proficiency tests are limited but there are alternative options.

See this page for a list of various proficiency tests and associated websites.

See our guide Finding items in languages other than English for advice on locating items in different languages on our catalogue.

Joining the Library

As State Library Victoria is a research library, you cannot borrow material.

However if you live in Victoria and register for a Library membership you can access our online databases of journals, newspapers and ebooks from outside the Library.

Your Library membership barcode also enables you to order items to be brought out of storage.

Related guide

Finding items in languages other than English

A guide to locating items in different languages on our catalogue.


  • To translate this guide into another language, just go to Google translate, paste in this guide's address and choose your preferred language
  • The State Library of NSW also offers a helpful glossary which translates words used by libraries into many different languages