Learning English

Information on accessing English language testing materials


Our Library does not hold a large range of materials on the various English language tests. Listed below is information on our holdings of IELTS and OET materials and also links to the various English language testing organisations.

State Library Victoria is a research library and you cannot borrow our books. However many public libraries hold a selection of English language testing materials. See the Other libraries box below for advice on searching for items across the Victorian and Australian library networks.

If you live in Victoria and register for a Library membership you can access our online databases of journals, newspapers and ebooks from outside the Library.

Your membership also enables you to order items to be brought out of storage for use in the Library.


IELTS is the International English Language Testing System.

The Library holds a small selection of IELTS testing books, the most relevant of these are available on our shelves

A range of online IELTS databases and ebooks are available within the Library, and available outside the Library to Victorian residents registered with the Library

Many public libraries hold IELTS material and these can be borrowed if you are a member of a public library. The Melbourne Library Service has a range of resources. Search your local public library  to see if it holds IELTS materials.

Occupational English Test

The OET is an international English language test that assesses the language and communication skills of healthcare professionals who seek to register and practise in an English-speaking environment. It provides an assessment of listening, reading, writing and speaking and is accepted by a range of organisations in Australia.

The Library holds a small collection of Occupational English Test resources. Search your local public library to see if it holds OET materials. 

Finding items at other libraries


Libraries Victoria search

Many Victorian municipal public libraries hold English testing resources such as IELTS and OET. These will usually be available for loan, and any Victorian resident can join any Victorian public library. Libraries Victoria searches across many (but not all) Victorian public libraries. This is an easy way to locate material in public lending libraries.

To search Libraries Victoria:

1.  Enter your search terms (e.g. IELTS)

2.  Limit your results if desired 

3.  See where the item is held, and if it's currently available


Screenshot of Libraries Victoria catalogue search and results for IELTS



Trove search

To search libraries across Australia, including university and TAFE libraries, use the Trove database. Note that not all holdings of all libraries are included, and also be sure to click on the link for a specific library to confirm that they hold the item required.

Universities and TAFE libraries can be used by anyone, but borrowing rights are limited to students. If you are a TAFE or university student, enquire about a Caval card which allows for borrowing by students at member institutions.

State libraries and the National Library are not lending libraries and material needs to be used within the Library and cannot be  borrowed.

To search Trove:

1.  Enter your search terms, (e.g. occupational english test)

2.  Select Books & Libraries from the All categories drop down menu

Screenshot of Trove catalogue search and results for books on occupational English test

3.  Click on the title of interest

Screenshot of Trove results for occupational English test search


4.  Click on Borrow

5.  Choose your state (e.g. Vic)

6.  Click on your preferred library to check the book is currently available

Screenshot of Trove results for item 'occupational English test: practice materials' holdings


Other language proficiency tests

Our holdings of other English proficiency tests are limited.

See this page for a list of various proficiency tests and associated websites.

One popular test is the TOEFL test (Test of English as a foreign language). We don't hold resources for this test but check the TOEFL website for more information about these tests.

Online language databases

The Library subscribes to a vast number of journal, magazine and newspaper online databases and we also purchase many ebooks

This includes a range of online language and IELTS resources that are available within the Library, and available outside the Library to Victorian residents registered with the Library