How to find newspapers

How to find current, historical and online newspapers

Newspaper Access Policy

The Newspaper Access Policy is designed to protect the condition of original newspapers.

If a newspaper is not on microfilm, or online, newspapers are available without restriction for the following date ranges:

  • Victorian newspapers published in or after 1980
  • interstate and overseas newspapers published in or after 1960

For pre-1980 Victorian and pre-1960 interstate and overseas papers, access maybe provided to users who supply the date of an event or item. Users can search within:

  • one month of a daily newspaper
  • three months of a weekly or bi-weekly newspaper.

If a patron wishes to access longer runs of archival newspapers across the following dates:

  • pre-1980 Victorian
  • pre-1960 interstate and overseas newspapers

then the patron can apply to go onto the Newspaper Access List. Application forms are available online, further down this page.

The above is only a brief summary of the Newspaper Access Policy. Access assessments are made in accordance with the detailed conditions of the Access Policy.

Application form:

The application to access archival newspapers can be submitted online. Once you've clicked the 'submit' button, you will be given the option to add attachments.



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