How to find newspapers

How to find current, historical and online newspapers

Historical overseas newspapers

The State Library holds a physical archive of international papers as well as a large collection of databases containing many international newspapers.

To search for our holdings, in the catalogue, enter the country name and ‘newspapers’, for example, United States newspapersPapua New Guinea newspapers. Newspapers can also be found by title on the catalogue, such as
Rand daily mail , New York TimesTimes of India,  PressReader provides online access to recent issues of hundreds of foreign language newspapers from around the world.

Some online newspaper archives available through the State Library of Victoria are listed below. These databases can be accessed from outside the Library if you are a registered Victorian Library user. You can also find a full listing of all current and historic newspapers under the A-Z databases page.

A list of online newspaper archives is available on Wikipedia which includes free and pay per view newspaper archives from around the world in many languages.


Africa, European, Latin America and the Middle East - online archives.

Asia- online archives.

New Zealand- online archives.

United Kingdom- online archives.

United States- online archives.

Canada- online archives.