VCE Australian history - units 3 & 4

Guide for VCE Australian history students

Creating a nation (1945-2008)

Students investigate the ways in which the push to ‘populate or perish’ and attitudes to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples after World War Two changed Australian society.

They examine perspectives about who could migrate and belong in the Australia nation, including an expanding concept of citizenship and migration and how that would challenge the White Australia Policy and contribute to a multicultural society. (VCE History Study Design 2022–2026 p.60)


New patterns of immigration

A global economy

Post-War Reconstruction

  • Department of Post-War Reconstruction pamphlets, also includes some contemporary pamphlets from other organisations

White Australia


Search the Austlii database for further legislation.

Enormous gear wheeels with man standing on one half pushing other half

2600 horsepower girth gear and pinion for a grinding mill, Vickers Ruwolt, Richmond.  Wolfgang Sievers H2002.99/99

Fierce furnace

Tapping a 25 ton electric arc furnace, Vickers Ruwolt, Richmond. Wolfgang Sievers  H2002.99/68

Large industrial machinery

Kodak factory, Coburg. Wolfgang Sievers   H2003.100/551

Factory machinery

John Lysaght Factory, Sunshine, Vic. Wolfgang Sievers H2003.100/784