Lewis Carroll and his 'Alice' books

This guide helps you find information about Lewis Carroll's famous children's books, how they inspired later authors and artists, and how the original works have been transformed.


Carroll's Alice books have been translated into 174 languages. The most recent research into translations of both Alice books is the 3 volume work Alice in a world of Wonderlands 2015, recently acquired by the Library.

To search for translated versions of both Lewis Carroll's Alice books, enter the words Lewis Carroll and translation or search for Lewis Carroll and choose a language from the options at left of the screen. See these searches for translations into Japanese, Gaelic, and Bengali

Some direct links to a selection of examples follow.

French Alice au pays des merveilles 1965      German Alice im Wunderland 1931      Latin Alicia in Terra Mirabili 1964 

Alice au pays des merveilles 1965 Alice im Wunderland 1931 Alicia in Terra Mirabili1964

More translations

Alice no Reino doAlisa u zemlji cudaShina lokaya

Portuguese Alice no Reino do Espelho 1964   Serbian Alisa u zemlji cuda 1963     Sinhalese Shina lokaya 1963

Spanish Alicia en el pais de las Maravillas 1958              Italian Alice nel paese delle Meraviglie 1958

Alicia en el pais de las MaravillasAlice nel paese delle Meraviglie