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Australian Accounting Standards

The Australian Accounting Standards Board is responsible for developing and issuing Accounting Standards (AASBs) applicable to Australian entities as well as the “care and maintenance” of the body of standards.

The Board's functions and powers are set out in the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001.

Accounting Standards are an extremely complex area as there is a range of publications which are either “standards”, “guides”, “guidelines” or “statements”. For example, there are “accounting standards”, “auditing standards”, “auditing guidance statements”, “audit guides”.

The AASB website lists the current AASB Standards plus other older versions and AAS standards as well as Statement of Accounting Concepts (SACs) publications.

Accessing older or print-based issues in the Library

There are many accounting standards with different prefixes held by the Library: 

AAS 1… AAS 38; issued by the Australian Accounting Standards Board, they are numbered as AAS 1 (October 1999), AAS 2 (date) etc

AASB 1001…+-- also issued by AASB; these and the AAS sequences are now old and are incorporated into one new sequence; as they are updated they will become AASB.xx

ASRB 1001  +-- issued by the Accounting Standards Review Board

To get an idea of holdings you can search the catalogue under the subject Accounting Standards Australia for both the Australian Accounting Standards Board and the Accounting Standards Review Board.

How do you know if an Accounting Standard exists, is it indexed somewhere?

There are no indexes/catalogues of Accounting Standards similar to Australian Standards. However the following website of the AASB would be of help.