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American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standards

What are they?

ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world and is a source for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services.

Accessing current issues 

Current  ASTM Standards available from SAI Global through their website. 

Accessing older print-based issues

The State Library collection covers the period 1918–1988 only, and holdings are incomplete. From 1990 onwards only the Index received.

The Index: Annual book of ASTM standards  is held by the Library to 2001.

Print form of older AST Standards 1918–1938; 1946–1976; 1977–1979; 1982, 1985, 1988  are held offsite can be pre-ordered by contacting us.

American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Standards

What are they?

SAE is a professional organization for mobility engineering professionals in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries. The Society is a standards development organization for the engineering of powered vehicles of all kinds, including cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, and others.

 Accessing current issues : 

  • current  SAE Standards available to be purchased from SAI Global
  • delivery time is  given on their web pages as is the price of an item, or SAI is able to quote

 Accessing older  print-based issues

The State Library's holdings are: 1936–1986; 1989–1999

The Library holds the S.A.E. handbook (Index to SAE standards) up to 2005.

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