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Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand is the body responsible for developing and administering the Australia New Zealand food Standards Code. The Code lists requirements for foods such as food safety, additives, food labelling and so on. The current Food Standards Code is available online.

The Food Standards Australia and New Zealand website has a range of useful information. Check the other links under the above general page, especially the 'User Guides' section as this lists links to help in interpreting certain aspects of the Code. Both old and new Food Codes available in both pdf. and zip file version for viewing. The site has extensive links to similar and related bodies around Australia and the rest of the world.

The website's educational pages has a range of video clips on various aspects of food handling.

Accessing older or print-based issue of Code

Food Standards Code:  latest edition print edition incorporates amendments up to 2013.

ANZFA: user guides to the new food standards code is on open access in the Information Centre.

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