Food in Victoria

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From the Pictures Collection

The indomitable Twid serves a meal. Edna Walling Collection, H99.120/27



 Kugelhupf cake recipe ready to serve with Friandises on George II salver. Image copyright Mark Strizic, H2008.11/462


In the Asian Food Market, Victoria St., Richmond. July 1988. Building a country archive, H92.250/289



This guide will help you explore the story of food in Victoria. The recent exhibition on display in the Keith Murdoch Gallery, Gusto! a culinary history of Victoria, used the Library's rich collections to illustrate the role food has played in Victoria’s history. Likewise, this guide continues to tell the story of contemporary food production and consumption in Victoria whilst placing it in a social, cultural, health and environmental context.

This guide refers to primarily Victorian materials – both in hard copy and digital formats as well as linking to external resources.

Books and pamphlets

Each of the following sections includes a list of useful books, along with links to searches in the Library catalogue for further reading. Many of the Library's large pamphlet collection have been digitised and is available online.

Journals and magazines

The library subscribes to a range of hardcopy and electronic journals. All online resources are available inside the Library, and selected resources are available off site for Victorian registered users.  You can also search for journal articles using the online catalogue.  Choose 'Articles' from the dropdown list next to the Search box.


Newspapers are a rich source of information. Digitised papers available through the National Library are a good place to start, providing online access to many regional papers as well as major dailies. The Library collection includes hardcopy and online newspapers. For research help, consult our other research guides:  How to find items in newspapers and How to find newspapers.

Pictures Collection

This collection includes a wide range of images to illustrate the story of food in Victoria. Use the Picture research guide for help.

A billy and other cooking utensils...

Civilization in the bush, H96.160/560

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