Tasmanian government publications

A guide to accessing Tasmanian government publications at our library and online.

About Tasmanian government gazettes

Government gazettes are official publications that include legal notices and details about the actions and decisions of government. These publications contain a wide range of information including:

  • land transactions
  • court notices
  • government appointments
  • bankruptcies
  • reward notices
  • new acts of parliament
  • tenders
  • patent applications
  • unclaimed letters
  • shipping and emigration notices

The first official Tasmanian gazette and newspaper was the Hobart Town gazette and Southern reporter first published in 1816. This publication was preceded by two short-lived unofficial publications published from 1810 to 1814 (Derwent star and Van Diemen’s Land intelligencer/Van Diemen’s Land gazette and general advertiser). Tasmanian Government gazette has had this title since 1907.

Accessing gazettes


Tasmanian Government Gazette
Published online since 2008, with search and browse functionality. Published each Wednesday. Includes special and periodical gazettes. 


Tasmanian Government Gazette
Held in print, from 2013 State Library Victoria ceased receiving issues. Published weekly, bound in six-monthly volumes. From November 1990 includes supplement Tasmanian State Services notices which was previously included in gazette.

See historical gazettes below. 



Use online search on Tasmanian Government Gazette website. 

Printed indexes also available in PDF format from 2008 onwards, published twice a year in January and July and available through Tasmanian Government Gazette website.


Tasmanian government gazette. Produced every six months and bound with volume to which it refers. From 2013 State Library Victoria ceased receiving issues.

Tasmanian government gazette. Six-monthly indexes for these years were not received until after volumes were bound. Therefore indexes for these years have been bound as 2 volumes, 1990-1999, 2000-2003.

The index to the Tasmanian government gazette and its predecessors (Hobart Town GazetteHobart Gazette) has been published annually or biannually since 1833. It is included with the bound volumes of the gazette. There is a cumulated index for the years 1833-1843. 

Historical gazettes

Chronology of Gazettes

Digitised editions or microfilm should be used where available. 

The Derwent star and Van Diemen’s land intelligencer
Digitised and available through Trove. SLV only hold reprint of issue for 3 April 1810 which reports the death of Lieutenant-Governor Collins. State Library of New South Wales has issues for Nov 1811 to February 1812 both in printed format and on microfilm.

May 1814-Sep 1814
Van Diemen’s Land gazette and general advertiser
A short-lived unofficial gazette. Not held by SLV. State Library of New South Wales hold in both printed format and on microfilm.

June 1816-January 1821
The Hobart Town gazette and Southern reporter
Digitised and available through Trove. Some issues held in print by SLV, use microfilm version (see SLV catalogue). June 1816 to December 1819 also available a facsimile reproduction.

January 1821-August 1825
The Hobart Town gazette and Van Diemen's Land advertiser
Official Government sponsorship withdrawn in June 1825, but continued to publish under this title until August 1825, when it changed its name to Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser. Published weekly. Digitised and available through Trove. Microfilm available, also held in print (see SLV catalogue).

June 1825-1840
The Hobart Town gazette
Set up by the Government in opposition to the Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen's Land Advertiser, and used its numbering. Published weekly. Held in print, some issues missing. Microfilm available for 1825-1827.

The Hobart Town gazette
Held in print. Published weekly. Microfilm available for June 25 1825 until August 12 1851.

The Hobart gazette
Held in print. Published weekly, for most years bound in six-monthly volumes.

Available Microfilm 

Microfilm versions held by SLV can be delivered from our onsite storage areas in 30 minutes.

1907 to 1950
Tasmanian government gazette. Microfilm not held by SLV but is available at State Library of Tasmania.

1881 to 1906
Hobart gazette. Microfilm not held by SLV but 1881 to 1900 is held by National Library of Australia and 1881 to 1906 is held by State Library of Tasmania.

Sep 1851 to 1880
Hobart Town gazette. Microfilm for this period is not held by SLV. It is available from National Library of Australia.

June 1825 to Aug 1851 
Hobart Town gazette  

Jan 1821 to Aug 1825
The Hobart Town gazette and Van Diemen’s Land advertiser

June 1816 to Jan. 1821
The Hobart Town gazette and Southern reporter

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