VCE English & Literature guide - units 3 & 4

Guide to research and literary criticism of current VCE English and Literature texts


The sub tabs from this page list suggested reviews and analyses of texts for VCE English list 1. Many of these items will be available online, often through our Library's database subscriptions.  These databases are accessible inside the Library to anyone, and outside the Library to any registered Victorian resident.

We encourage you to register so you can access online material through our Library from anywhere at anytime. To register complete this online form on our website.

Using our databases and our Library

VCE English List 1:

The VCE English and EAL Study Design, as well as the Text List with annotations can be found at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority's (VCAA) website. Additionally, past exams and examination reports can also be accessed on the VCAA website.


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