VCE English and EAL, English Language, and Literature guide - units 3 & 4

Guide to research and literary criticism of current texts used in VCE English and English as an Additional Language (EAL), English Language, and Literature

Framework of ideas

The Framework of Ideas replaces List 2 from 2024 onwards. It presents four broad options. Within each of are suggested texts to prompt students responses. The texts include various formats - articles, short stories, Ted Talks, video.  Student responses can be personal, critical or creative.

Under each of the four broad ideas we have included various relevant pieces in a range of formats to promote ideas and discussion.

See also the tab on Writing forms which lists a range of resources to assist with different types of creative writing and personal expression.

  • Writing about country
    • Exploration of place and belonging

  • Writing about protest
    • Explorations of conflict and contest, what it means to protest, the value of protest, the outcomes of protest, personal stories of protest, struggle and war.

  • Writing about personal journeys
    • Explorations of ‘life’ or biographical explorations – telling our stories, telling others’ stories, the problem of telling stories, appropriation of stories, who tells the stories and our history, missing stories, marginalised and elevated stories

  • Writing about play
    • Explorations of experiences and traditions of play and playing in many cultures and through history.

Our Education Unit has also provided questions to stimulate ideas that are specific to Personal Journeys but will be helpful generally and to any part of the Framework of Ideas.

Advice from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

The VCAA guide advises that students can use a variety of forms including short stories, speeches or monologues (with transcripts), essays (comment, opinion, reflective, personal), podcasts (with transcripts), poetry/songs, feature articles (including a series of blog or social media postings) and memoirs and biography.

See page 22 of the VCE English and English as an Additional Language Study Design for more guidance.

Watrecolour still life of a jug with books

  Francis, Dorothea. [Still Life - Jug and Books] 1931. H2001.175/48