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Australian Territories

The Commonwealth of Australia is made up of six States and ten Territories including the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. While the NT and the ACT are well known, most of the other territories are rarely mentioned in the news and are largely unknown to most Australians.

The Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory have parliaments and can pass legislation -- both have government websites with links to their government papers. The other Territories are under the control of the Federal Government that essentially administers the Territories.

The Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory

If you are searching for government information from the NT and ACT the place to start is the relevant website:

Northern Territory:                  

Australian Capital Territory:   

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Other Australian Territories

All other Australian Territories are administered by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities and, depending on population, location and use, have a variety of Ordinances and federal government acts relevant to their administration.