Commonwealth government publications

Guide to the range of publications, both online and in print, from the Commonwealth Parliament and Government

About budget papers

Budget papers include:

  • the Treasurer’s budget speech
  • various budget papers setting out information on the Australian economy and aspects of government expenditure and revenue raising
  • appropriation bills showing proposed expenditures


Portfolio budget statements

Issued at the same time as the budget papers are the portfolio budget statements, one for each government department.

These give details of predicted expenditures for each government department and the associated instrumentalities and are useful for working out where the money is really going.


Mid-year economic and fiscal outlook

The purpose of the MYEFO report is to provide updated information to allow the assessment of the Government's fiscal performance against the fiscal strategy set out in the current budget papers. These reports have been done since 1997-98. The current report is available online from the budget website. For previous reports see the archival budget website.