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Guide to the range of publications, both online and in print, from the Commonwealth Parliament and Government


The term of the Commonwealth of Australia government is three years, however a government can choose to call an election at any time within this period but needs the accession of the Governor General to do so. The latest an election can be called is 3 years and 68 days after the first day of sitting of the new parliament.

This page provides links to information on federal elections and results. For more detail on the history of the Australian system of government and voting try the 'Australian parliamentary system' box under the Get started tab.

For details concerning the rules and procedures of elections see relevant chapters in House of Representative practice and Australian Senate practice. For more information see tab Parliamentary Practice.

Online & CD-ROM


Political ephemera

The State Library of Victoria collects a large range of election material, including posters, pamphlets and how to vote cards as part of our Riley & Ephemera Collection. 

Election leaflets from 2010 to current are also available online via Open Australia Foundation.