Koorie Victoria and State Library of Victoria collections

Guide to sources in the Library collection, with links to external collections and digitised collections.

Using databases and indexes

The Library subscribes to a wide range of hard copy and online journals, magazines and newspapers. Online databases include a mix of fulltext and citations - which send you to a hard copy journal. If the Library doesn't hold the journal you are interested in, we can help you find a library that does. 

Some of our online resources are also available offsite for Victorian registered users.

Databases are arranged under broad subject headings on the Free journals, databases and ebooks page. There is a category for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  

  • To search across several databases at a time, go to the Library catalogue and choose articles from the dropdown list next to the Search box.
  • The staff compiled Australiana index provides references to hard copy journal and newspaper articles, book chapters and clippings files.  Consult librarians at the Information Desk for entries prior to 1993.
  • For online journals and newspapers, go to the Journal search page.
  • The Library also has hardcopy indexes -  staff can help you with these.
  • Some of our journals and magazines are in storage -  see this information on requesting items

Victorian journals and magazines

This list of journals and magazines produced by Victorian Indigenous organisations date mainly from the 1970s, and are not generally picked up by indexing services.  In addition, the Library has a wide range of publications both dedicated to, and including information on, Indigenous history and contemporary issues.  They cover Victoria, and more generally, Australia.

Free online journals

This is a listing of ejournals, freely available, and where indicated also in the Library in hard copy.

The Aborigines' friend and colonial intelligencer

The Aborigines Friend and the colonial intelligencer.

Published by the Aborigines' Protection Society, this issue from 1855 provides an overview of conditions for Indigenous peoples in the various British colonies. The Library also has hard copy issues of related titles.

Dawn and New dawn

Produced by the Aborigines Welfare Board in New South Wales, Dawn and New dawn includes photographs, family history and news of the schools and missions run in NSW by the Board. They cover the period 1952-1975.