School and education history in Victoria

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Education gazettes

Education Gazettes were monthly papers issued by the Education Department and are an important source of information for researchers. The Department used it as a key tool to disseminate policy rules, regulations and curricula to teachers in metropolitan and rural schools. The name of the gazette changed numerous times over the years as government departments changed. Click on the links below to see the publication history and details for each title.

Department of Education records and publications

Search for our online catalogue to find many items produced by the various governmental departments responsible for education in Victoria, remembering that the name might have changed over time.

Annual reports

Victorian Institute of Secondary Education (est 1976), forerunner to the the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

Finding digitised reports on the Victorian Parliamentary Papers online database:

Find them by searching for the terms, making sure you use the Advanced Search option in the "Exact phrase" field:

Report of the Commissioners of National Education for the Colony of Victoria

Report of the Board of Education

Education : report of the Minister of Public Instruction

Note that annual reports can be difficult to track because of organisational name changes. 

These Family Tree guides are useful to trace publications over time and through name changes:

Records held by other organisations

See the Department of Education website for information about how they create, manage and dispose of public records.

The Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) is the main repository for government school records, however there are multiple locations where school records might be - see the School records tab of this guide.