School and education history in Victoria

Research Victoria's primary and secondary schools, text books and readers, past exams and results, curricula

Finding images

Search the Library's images collection on our catalogue to find digitised images of schools and students in Victoria.

Suggested search terms include school, classroom, students, pupils, school teachers, school children, or the name of a particular school.

Also try searching the catalogue for written histories about schools and education in Victoria, or the name of a particular school.

The Histories, Magazines & year books, and Buildings tabs in this guide are also useful to consult.

Newspapers are a huge source of pictures. The research guides How to find newspapers and How to find items in newspapers cover just about everything you need to know about finding what you need in newspapers

Consult our Picture research guide for further tips and advice.

Images from the Pictures Collection

Photograph, classroom scene with students seated at desks, St. Thomas Grammar School H2004.61/208

St. Thomas Grammar School [ca. 1910]  H2004.61/208

Photograph, children in a primary school classroom, circa 1930-1969 H2013.30/14

Children in a primary school classroom, circa 1930-1969, H2013.30/14

Photograp, group of children in front of Teesdale Primary School circa 1900

Teesdale Primary School circa 1900, H2013.248/11 

Photograph, children of Harkaway State School dressed in fancy dress costumes - knights slaying a dragon, circa 1890-1900, H2012.171/443

Children of Harkaway State School dressed in fancy dress costumes circa 1890-1900, H2012.171/443

Other places to look for images

Do you recognise these schools?

We have images of unidentified schools in our collection that you can help us identify.

If you see a building you recognise contact us via the Ask a Librarian service.

Unidentified school [ca. 1868] H32330

Unidentified ? school building in country H92.150/677