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Ways of researching film at the State Library Victoria

The big business of film

Researching the film industry

Researching the business of film tends to incorporate three main topics, film production (the making of a film), film distribution (promotions, release date strategy, controlling where films are shown) , and film exhibition (screening of film, usually in a cinema). Within recent times the rise of online based film streaming companies (particularly Netflix and Amazon) have changed this paradigm somewhat, but still the major companies and their processes remain.

Film industry: searching tips

There is plenty to find in this area. Much of what has been published relates to the USA, but there are studies of most major film industries available; both current and historic .

A general search term for film industry related research is motion picture* industry. With that term you can use a particular country of interest (eg: motion picture* industry China) or segment of business (eg: motion picture industry production)

Film industry reports (remote access requires login)

Plunkett Analytics Reports on Motion Pictures can be accessed via our Proquest database. These provide a snapshot of industry wide trends on film exhibition, distribution and production in the USA.

Film industry magazines and general websites



  • Box office mojo - worldwide box office information
  • Kinomatics - using data to investigate film industries worldwide, including worldwide distribution and exhibition trends.

Australian film industry sites