Catalogue upgrade

New catalogue launching Tuesday 23 August 2022

What does this mean?

We are launching a new library services platform to manage all the information about our collection. 

We are also upgrading our online catalogue that you use to search and access the Library’s collections. 

Why are we making this change?

Our current library system has been in place for over 20 years. The new platform and catalogue will enhance the digital capability of the Library. 

What are the benefits?

The new catalogue will be very similar to our current catalogue but will improve digital capability and access to collections over time.

The new catalogue will have some helpful new features:
•    Improved accessibility
•    Filtering and sort functionality for periodical items (such as newspapers)
•    The ability to search within journals

How will this impact me?

For the most part, the new catalogue will look the same and function in the same way as the current catalogue. 

! Records and searches saved to your account will not migrate to the new catalogue. 
This means any data in ‘My favourites’ (including saved records, saved searches and search alerts) and any tags will be lost. You'll need to back up your favourites and tags by Monday 22 August, and set them up again in the new catalogue.

Find out more:
•    Saved records 
•    Saved searches and alerts
•    Tags

What's new - 18 Aug

We'll be updating this guide with new content in the lead up to the new catalogue launch. See the latest additions below:

Man and woman checking catalogue cards in filing cabinetMan and woman checking catalogue cards in filing cabinet [ca. 1950 - ca. 1960] H2008.11/334