Catalogue feedback

About the catalogue feedback tool

To suggest changes to the catalogue or report any issues you find, please let us know by using the new Feedback tool. Just click the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and fill in the details:

When you submit feedback, we'll get the URL (website address) for the webpage you're on. If you have feedback about a specific catalogue record, make sure you have that open when you select the icon, or if your feedback relates to searching, have the search results in view when you click the Feedback tool.


Why do we ask for your email?

Although entering your email address is optional, we would encourage you to include it since this provides us with more information in the feedback message, such as the operating system and browser you were using at the time. This can help us to replicate or troubleshoot problems.


Will I get a response?

No. While we follow up every piece of feedback, we will not send you a personal response. If you need a response to your comment or question, please visit SLV Feedback or Ask a Librarian instead.


Types of feedback

As you make your way around the catalogue, you may come across things that don't look quite right: spelling mistakes, odd terminology, a reversed image, or something else that just don't seem to be working correctly.  

We want to know! 

You can: 

  • Report a broken link
    If you can't access or load an online item or clicking a link produces an error.  

  • Report an image problem
    If an image is not displaying correctly, for example it is upside down or reversed, displaying in the incorrect order, or if an image is missing. 

  • Suggest a catalogue correction
    If you’ve notice information included in a catalogue record that you would like us to review.  

  • General catalogue feedback
    Share your experiences of using the catalogue 

Having trouble?

Are you having trouble using this feedback tool?

Ask one of our librarians for more help.

Known issues

For more information and updates on known issues relating to our catalogue, please visit Library Systems Status.

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