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A guide to Victorian government publications


Australia has three levels of government - federal, state and local. For an overview go to the Australian government site. The State government site has information on how the Victorian government and parliament operate and you can go to the Municipal Association site for more on local government.

State and colonial government

Online–1856 to current

Contacts & services directory

A directory to departments and various other bodies associated with government.

Statistical register of Victoria 1868–1916

Published annually it includes a section usually labelled the “Blue book” which lists people such as the governor, ministers, members of Parliament, judges, some officers of the police and defence forces, university professors and some senior officers not employed under the Public Service Act.

The Blue books are online via the Victorian Parliamentary Papers Database.

Please note: some years have more information than others. For example in the issues from 1887 to 1891, the Blue book included most public servants.

Civil establishment of Victoria 1863-1867

Also known as the “Blue book”. This list includes; governors, ministers, members of Parliament, judges, senior offices in the police force, officers of the defence forces, most public servants and senior government officials not employed under the Public Service Act.

They are available online via the Victorian Parliamentary Papers Database.


There is a civil establishment section listed in the table of contents of the Statistics of the colony of Victoria for the years 1856-1962.

They are available online via the Victorian Parliamentary Papers Database.

Print/microfiche–1852 to 2008

Victorian government directory 1980–2008 

Directory of government departments and authorities 1971–1979

This listing includes holdings from 1974. Unfortunately 1971–3 is missing. The final print directory was published in 2008. From 2008 directories available online (see above).

Statistical register of Victoria 1852–1916

Prior to 1874, the Statistical register of Victoria was known as the Statistics of the colony of Victoria. Between 1901-1916 it was known as the Statistical register of the State of Victoria for the year ... The Library does not appear to hold 1906 and 1909. Microfiche copies from 1874–1900 are available and should be used in preference to printed copies.

Civil establishment of Victoria

Microfiche copies are available from 1853–1873 and should be used in preference to printed copies.

Government offices, Spring Street
facing the end of Collins Street, H27418

It repeats some of the holdings of the Statistical register and includes printed facsimiles for 1851 and 1856.

Local government


The Local government section of the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure site includes links to current local council and public library sites.

Print/microfiche–1866 to current

Municipal directories, 1866–1994

Click title for relevant years to go to the catalogue record. 1866–1910 is available on microfiche. Use in preference to print copies.

Victorian local government directory, 1996–2012

Irregular publication but normally came out quarterly.

State Library Victoria


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