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What is the Year book?

Victorian Year Book 1986

The Victorian year book 1873-2002 covers all major areas of Victorian life using narrative and statistical material. For example, the 1973 centennial edition, included detailed chapters reviewing Victoria’s progress in a wide range of subjects.

Published between 1873 and 2002, there are slight variations in title and publisher.

  • 1873 to 1951/52 published by the Government Statist of Victoria. No. 1- No. 72.
  • 1952/53 to 1973 published by the Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics, Victorian Office. No. 73 - No. 87.
  • 1974 to 2002 published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Victorian Office. No. 88 – No. 114.

    From 2001-2010 The Victorian year book was replaced in part by the quarterly publication State and regional indicators, Victoria.


Online - 1890 to 2010

Victorian year book 1873–2002

The Victorian year book ceased publication in 2002. It contains comprehensive statistical and social content.

State and regional indicators, Victoria 2001–2010

The Year book was replaced in part by this publication. A quarterly statistical series covering State accounts, population and vital statistics, Centrelink payments, employment and unemployment, wages and prices, production, building, investment, business expectations, commercial and private finance commitments, new motor vehicle registrations, retail turnover, overseas trade, tourist accommodation, materials diverted to recycling, and air and water quality.

A statistical account of the seven colonies of Australasia 1890–1903 

A wide range of statistics for the six pre-federation colonies and New Zealand from 1890 to 1902/3.  The final edition was titled Australia and New Zealand.

Print / Microfiche - 1873 to 2004