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A guide to Victorian Government publications

Victorian parliamentary handbook

The Victorian parliamentary handbook includes biographical information on current and historical members, as well as general historical information on the Victorian Parliament. A new edition is published for each new Parliament about one to two years after the previous general election. The Parliament of Victoria web site (below) provides a current account of this information.

The items listed below provide histories of Parliament, biographical information on former parliamentarians and lists of ministers and ministries.


There are a range of books that look at the history of the government of Victoria. To find biographies of specific members search the catalogue using the person's name. Parliamentarians that held high office (premiers for instance) will often be the subject of biographies.

Some of the most notable references on Victoria's parliament and parliamentarians are listed below.

Opening Parliament 1929

Opening of Parliament 3rd July, 1929 H30248

Opening of Parliament by the Hon. Sir William Irvine, Lieut.-Governor of Victoria 3rd July, 1929, H30248


For downloadable statistics from a range of departments see the VicData site.